Similar to its bigger brother #translators the channel founders offer help for specific cleaning problems or general tutorials. We can point out mistakes and give you tips on how to avoid them in the future.

Now you might wonder, why the hell should I go to IRC?! There are so many scanlation tutorials on the net and despite their age, most of what they say still is valid, now WHY?
- To get an immediate, individual response. We can specifically help you to find out your weakness and point you to the correct You might’ve misunderstood a tutorial or don’t understand why you are supposed to do it ‘like this’ and not ‘like that’ .
- Some video tutorials (not completely finished yet) .
- Raws to practice on.
- Representatives of multiple groups.
- No need to apply to one of them.
- Easier to apply to one of them.
- Friendly peeps in the chan.

Where to find us: #cleaners @ (irc://

Unite and fight LQ-scanlations!

PS: We still search for more OPs to help new people out, just come in the channel and ask one of the OPs.