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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    What drugs do you do? Ichigo has never fought his opponents with his fist. His sword has been taken from him before. Naruto would win. Ichigo can only hold his hollow form for 15 secs.
    his hollow powers are increased by hueco mundo indefinately, so when he goes back to the real world he will still be able to hold his hollow form indefinately, it's the same thing with chad and hs powers, he went into hueco mundo and they were "unlocked". i seem to remember ichigo using only his hands and beating 3 vice captain right before fighting byakuya :/ and still i ask exactly how his zanpakuto would be taken. but still, i doubt naruto will even be abe to see ichigo so w/e

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    naruto in sage mode vs batman =o batman would so win too.

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    Sailormoon vs Sage Naruto - Sailormoon

    A #5 lead pencil vs Sage Naruto - #5

    The tattoo on my arm vs Sage Naruto - Sage Naruto. But if it ever left my side it'd transform into a time bomb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue-hime* View Post
    i think

    Naruto sage mode vs Kakaroto

    Naruto will die in that battle because of a henki dama xDD or wathever...

    guys dont you get it? Goku is the strongest in whole anime history!! xDDDDDD
    naruto couldnt revives if he hasnt dragon balls xDDDDD
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    i think i knew xDDD

    and L said: "Justice will prevail"

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    Sage Naruto isn't the strongest thing in the world people, believe it. (lol)

    He'd probably defeat most characters from D. Gray-man though going by proper logic. Innocence isn't as strong against humans, Allen's sword also goes right through people so thats a pointless battle.
    On the other hand Naruto cannot kill akuma, only innocence can destroy akuma. I don't know if Noah's can only be harmed by Innocence, if not then he can probably beat most of them I guess except Road. Road can't die as far as we know. Her skin has been burned off atleast 3 times and she just heals everytime without a scratch. Tyki has a chance in his awakened form maybe, but probably not. The Earl can only be killed by Innocence, Naruto can't kill him.

    Tsuna could probably go against Naruto, thats a tough choice though. The only other Reborn characters are Mukuro, Genkishi, Xaxus, and Byakuran I guess. (we don't know what Byakaran can do though, but being the main villian and stronger than everyone else he has some type of chance)

    Alucard could easily kill Naruto, no questions ask, its freaking Alucard.

    The only Soul Eater character that has a chance is Eibon, Asura, and maybe the 400 year form of Mosquito.

    Probably no one knows what I'm talking about but Neuro (from the series Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro) could beat Naruto. His powers are more so psychological, after his torture Naruto would rather go insane or he'll be brain dead. Plus Neuro is a demon and it takes alot to kill him, normal people have zero chance against him.

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    Here is one for you.

    Sage Naruto vs DeadPool.

    I Love You!

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