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    i think Aleph-Sama is right about how he was able to throw it about the expanding part i don't think naruto put more chakra or if he did put more chakra it was just to make the technique more powerful when he first used the Rasenshuriken it made huge hole in the ground
    and how many of you were surprised when he threw it as if there was any doubt naruto will learn how to throw the Rasenshuriken how can a close combat technique have shuriken in it's name

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    Well because it was a shuriken-shaped melee technique, before. That's why it CAN have shuriken as its name.

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    if that is true, i think its possible he not only can throw it but can control it so its not just straight lines...if he could make his rasenshuriken follow his enemy he would be unbelievablely stronger

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    The way this jutsu also works is that instead of hurting naruto it recovers him because of the nature chakra thats the reason rasenshuriken has been perfected to its maximum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasen View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by RasenShuriken88 View Post
    The way this jutsu also works is that instead of hurting naruto it recovers him because of the nature chakra thats the reason rasenshuriken has been perfected to its maximum

    the recovering effects of nature chakra (which is more protective i think then actual recovering) i think has little to do with it....

    hes not hurt by it because he is able to throw it, its away from his body so the damaging effects on his arm are no longer present. im sure if he could not throw it it would still hurt him just not so much. just not 100% sure.

    ok and i take my first post back. but i dont think the Rasenshuriken merged with the environment. i think that becasue he himself is apart of nature that he is able to effect his jutsus in a much different way then before, he should now be able to still be in contact with his jutsus (threw nature) while his body is still physically seperated from them....

    jutsu not a merge with nature just himself?

    why cant he just throw his normal rasengan? just throw a bunch of little rasengans around that dont cost to much chakra... to much like dbz?

    but anyhow just think of all the jutsus out there that can be enhanced in some way by just being able to seperate the jutsus from the user(s) while the user is still able to effect it. chidori, all nara clan abilities (iffy), healing, summoning.

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    i thought since naruto knows wind release, he was using the wind to move the rasenshuriken around...kinda like how sasuke can extend the chidori

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsubasa View Post
    why cant he just have threw the damn thing? i dont see why anone would agree with the first post, it was stated that naruto as using alot of chakra when he was making it. why cant that be the only explanation needed? the by using so much he was able to send it flying.
    He did throw it :s It hasen't been said directly, but from what I gather, people cannot set motion so such hugely concentrated chakras. This is why Fukasaku and shima were surprised and was wondering how Naruto was able to throw such a densely concentrated chakra. This is also probably why Pain was surprised when it took off.

    How Naruto is able to throw it is unexplained. but he has been known to do this before. during his fight with Orochimaru, he did a simalair trick where he gathers that dense chakra and ingested it and later shot it out of his mouth. This also supports the idea that you cannot set motion to dense chakras since Orochimaru asked how he thinks he is going to throw the chakra.

    Quote Originally Posted by ydoc View Post
    yea they really didnt show much of it, hard to tell what happened to him. but fromt he previous "hints" in the manga where the mountain was cut at the tops i would say he probably was.
    It showed the end result of what happened the human Realm from being in contact with the Rasenshuriken. At first scene it connected with his body. Afterwards what was left of him was a small portion of his head. What probably happened is it cut him in half and his legs fell to the ground and his torso began to drop down and as the rasenshuriken despersed it slowly grinded down until what was left was just a piece of his head.

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    The RasenShuriken

    Do you think that the RasenShuriken can be expanded by Naruto's will or does it expand on it's own after a few seconds ? Because when Naruto threw his RS it didn't expand and if it had expanded he would shurely killed Pain, but it didn't ... there is another explanation... and that is that Naruto can throw and control the expand trick on the RS only in sage mode and after he threw the last one he wasn't in sage mode and the RS didn't expand ( i think ).

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    Merging this with older thread. Try using the search function next time.

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    Bleh.... that theory doesn't work.

    Zheesh.... it's a wind chakra technique. Hence being wind it's gonna move ...

    If it was natural energy with the environment, then he could have homed in on his target, but it missed...

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