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    i think deidara beat the Sharingan... in it self i mean... true Sasuke didnt die by C4 cause he saw the clay cloud but that didnt win the fight... true he could see the land mines (which is BS cause they are underground and if he could see that Itachi should had been able to see Kkashi when he was underground on thier fight), BUT he won cause lucky him the explosives were elementaly weak to his lightning AND mostly cause of the CS2 (without it he couldnt block the explosives, glide or fly to deidara AND couldnt have summoned Manda and had enough chakra to use a powerful genjutsu on him). Didara was never afraid of looking at Sasuke eyes, he did get into a genjutsu but he broke out of it as easily... Sasuke was the one that got trapped even with his sharingan by the clay bunshin..
    All in all.. Deidera beat the shit of the Sharingan (a sharingan at the lvl Sasuke has developt it, that is... I dont think this would apply if Itachi or Kakashi would had been fighting, mostly cause of MS) and in my opinion Sasuke.... but since he is Kishis favorite... we all know what happened...

    to stay on issue lol I do think that they are giving this whole Sharingan plot and background to make a real epic thing once one of the users is defeated or killed. I think Kishi is still far from being finished and is just giving the readers as much as possible on the most awesome kekkei Genkai readers just cant have enough of.
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