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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    Ok with all the cool stuff going on in the manga I know this isnt a "hot topic" but I was rereading some old chapters and I wondered whats going to happen to Suigetsu's sword.

    As a quick refresher they had to leave the sword behind because they had to carry Suigetsu and Karin back. However remember the sword is now damaged do too the 8 tails atatck.


    So my train of thought is that this may lead to a little refreshing side adventure where Suigetsu goes to grab his sword and get it fixed.

    However maybe the sword can not be fixed just anywhere maybe it requires a special craftsman found only in a few places like in Water country and we get a little more back story about Water country and the 7 Swordsman.

    What do you guys think would you like a little side adventure after this major fight?
    and now his sword is fully broken LOL...
    unless its a hidden technique of the head cleaver sword, although it seems like a regular slaughtering sword( i think they mentioned it was a normal sword in the manga..i think) but then again, it was one of the 7 swordsman it has to have some type of ability, like kisame's, epic loyal sword

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    sigh Suigetsu needs to take better care of the Beheader (not sure if that's the actual name). He's damaged it twice in the little time he's had it.

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    Apparently the little runt with the Mizukage is one of the Seven. Suigetsu might just loot him.

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    I think Suigetsu will fill the gap of the broken sword with water. Do some shapeshifting shit with it and will fight some "Hihio Zabimaru" style. Baaaaaaaaaam

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    Suigetsu should just go into water form and slip into his enemies mouth. Then all he needs to do is sink into them a bit and either drown them or just revert back to his solid form and watch itty-bitty Raikage pieces scatter everywhere ^.^

    Hes got the whole world in his hands...

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    Well seems like apt timing to bring this thread back to life seeing how Suigetsu got his sword busted seems I may have been on to something when I first made it.


    So I see two things happening either the orginal idea...

    Scenario A: Where Suigetsu goes on his side adventure afterwards to get his sword fixed by some special blacksmiths found only in Water country


    Scenario B: He simply jumps ship and takes the other sword Choujuurou has and makes it his own. Atm tho it looks as thou Chou wont leave the Mizukages side on his own so I'm guessing he will be ordered to go out and see whats going on and thats when Suigetsu will spot his sword. Perhaps he will flip out when he sees it and go on about its capablities informing the audiance.

    Well now I'm curious which scenario do you think more likely?
    I'll go with the Scenario B. really interesting,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rift View Post
    sigh Suigetsu needs to take better care of the Beheader (not sure if that's the actual name). He's damaged it twice in the little time he's had it.
    Name of the sword is "Decapitating Carving Knife" or "Kubikiri Houcho"

    I'd probably go with Choice B, or A with a change

    Swords are not as easy to repair, a break can cause more damage than simply replacing the blade. Crudely done, it would be permanently weaker than what it was. Only extensive reforging would be able to fix it.

    So if A was to happen, he may simply get a new sword based on Zabuza's old sword.

    Though curious, compared to say Kisame's sword, Zabuza's seems quite plain, albeit huge. If it won't be replaced, it may have some secrets in it yet to be revealed.

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