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    Fairy Tail - Mira and Freid

    hehe, jsut finished this and scrapped one extra cell at the bottom, couldnt be bothered to colour a cell with more detail than the rest combined

    I will at some point complete it but it is 12 am and I dont care


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    looks nice, but you do know you have the wrong haircolors right?

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    I'm missing a lot of shading in your coloring, you should try working on that.

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    yep i need a decent tutorial on that sort of thing, tbh been blaggin all my colours never really bothered with anything more complex than this... shame on me =)

    and yes the colours are wrong, but I dont have a reference to hand, although I probably should have checked a cover somewhere...

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    D/P I know, but just seen the original cover and her hair is white... yep... tbh being blond myself I think I'll leave it

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