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Thread: Yotsuba&!

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    Alternate Title: (よつばと!, Yotsuba to!)
    Genres: Comedy | Slice of Life | Seinen
    Number of Volumes: 6
    Vintage: 2003
    Yotsuba Synopsis
    Yotsuba&! is centered on the antics of Yotsuba Koiwai, a five-year-old adopted girl who is energetic, cheerful, curious, strange, and quirky—so strange and quirky, in fact, that even her own father calls her a weirdo. She is also initially ignorant about many things a child her age would be expected to know, among them doorbells, escalators, air conditioners, and even playground swings. This ignorance results in humorous stories where she learns about, and frequently misunderstands, everyday things.

    At the start of the series, Yotsuba and her adoptive father, Koiwai, relocate to a new city with the help of Koiwai's best friend, an impressively tall man nicknamed Jumbo. Yotsuba makes a strong impression on the three daughters of the neighboring Ayase family, Asagi, Fuka, and Ena, and many of her misadventures come from interactions with them.

    The series has no continuing plot—the focus is Yotsuba's daily voyage of discovery. Significantly, many chapters can be identified as taking place on successive days, which reinforces the sense of that we are following the characters' daily life. The tone can be summarized by the motto, used on chapter title pages and advertising, "Today is always the most enjoyable day" ("Itsu de mo kyō wa, ichiban tanoshii hi").
    Yotsuba is by far the funniest manga I have ever read. The same mangaka for Yotsuba Kiyohiko Azuma, is the same person behind Azumanga Daioh and if you haven't watched or read that yet then your greatly missing. But if you have watched Azumanga then you can only imagine how funny Yotsuba would be. If you need a good laugh then there's no better manga to give it then Yotsuba. Seriously read it. I guarantee anyone will love it.

    Yotsuba Chapter 047
    Yotsuba Chapter 048
    Yotsuba Volume 01 (Chapter 001-007)
    Yotsuba Volume 02 (Chapter 008-014)
    Yotsuba Volume 03 (Chapter 015-021)
    Yotsuba Volume 04 (Chapter 022-027)
    Yotsuba Volume 05 (Chapter 028-034)
    Yotsuba Volume 06 (Chapter 035-041)
    Yotsuba Volume 07 (Chapter 042-046)
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    I search for this manga and now finally.. found. THANZ ALOT.

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    Ty, I only had ch 1-37 before.

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    THNX a bunch!! ^_^

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    Yotsubato! is hilarious. The releases as of now are till chapter 53, I think. That apart, despite every chapter having its own story, you can't help but read it in one go and still craving for more.

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    Thanks for sharing... in my country still vol6 but i think it stopped.

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    this is the only manga book i have everything else is downloaded but i still love this one....
    Ava&Sig by Ravona

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    new yotsuba?

    Anybody know where I can find new chapters of Yotsuba&!?

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    It's a hilarious series. I have vol 1-4 but I never bothered to buy the rest :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssgorik View Post
    Anybody know where I can find new chapters of Yotsuba&!?

    There you go.

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