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    What New characters/Abilities would you like to see in naruto?

    I would like see a girl or guy that is immune to genjutsu due to something wrong with his chakra flow to the brain or something but works out to there advantage. You know how lee can't do ninjutsu or genjutsu due to his chakra system or some crap. It would be a great way to counter the sharingan/MS
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    Its possible that the blue hair akatsuki is an genjutsu type and she is gerl se you may be able to see you fantasy(its only speculation).
    I whould like to see hmmmm hhmmm ah i dont realy know...meyby some new god jutsu .

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    i'd like to see someone skilled enough to fuse elements (use two different elements at the same time like haku or yamato). going sightly off topic i also hope we can see more of the other villages at work. based on what we've seen you'd think that the other shinobi villages were a bunch of wusses
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    well id definitly like to see more of the villages. i mean we havent seen the kage for the stone, mist or cloud villages.

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    Naruto has more than enough characters already (to the point that we can't effectively keep up with all of them). If more characters are introduced, I'd like to see some new enemies, hopefully from some of the villages we haven't seen anything about at all.

    As far as new abilities, I hope they are fairly limited. I'd like to see inventive uses of less godlike abilities (sort of like what we saw with Sasuke's chidori variations) than have each character become another Goku or something. That's been done already, and once was enough. It seems like many of the characters could be a lot more inventive in the way they use their existing abilities.

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    hmm, i think the movies are covering the other villages. I doubt they will make an appearance. No one in naruto has god-like abilities so far, I would like to see more creative jutsu's as well. Like that Iron sand technque, that was pretty awsome or C4 Garuda. Very creative jutsu's, i would like to see more of those.

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    Nice choice of thread Zetta.

    I think seal jutsu's are the least developed. Think about it. You could create larger chakra stores with seals. Maybe even seal enemies like Kakashi's ms, parts like the head of someone or just an entire person. Summoning jutsus also would also be neat to see more frequently.. like summoning something else besides a frog or snake (of course the others). Maybe Kakashi summoning a huge dog. That would be coolz.

    Imagine this, a ninja that fights entirely by summoning huge animals. Lol, just sit back and watch the fight.

    One more thing, that wierd morphing technique that Zetsu and Orochimaru do where they can combing with other things like the ground or a tree. I always thought that it would be cool to force like the ground for instance to combine with an enemy target. Instead of just using it as a defensive or escape technique. Think about it, you could pretty much morph the ground into someone's, or something's, body and just split it apart. If there's a building, just morph dirt into it much like tree roots pushing into the ground making the support beams to break open and ultimately collapse the building.

    Don't think I don't want to see more of what you all have said though. Lightning inventiveness and more god techniques... yes! So many more techniques are yet to be discovered. I'm kind of feeling like Oro now...

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    No more characters please, this story is gonna be etern :S

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    a character that wears black, and very stealthy. Ya'know, like a ninja.
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    i wonder whats gonna come up after someone destroys akatsuki or something like that, but im sure pein and the other more powerful akatsuki will present some new jutsus.

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