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    Pastel ~ Toshihiko Kobayashi

    Thanks to gin0va, I recently fell in love with the manga series Pastel. It's been running for hella' long by now, so I'm suprised nobody's done a topic on it, yet. It's a comedy, romance, school and slice-of-life manga, with a fair batch of ecchi in it. (C'mon, you know me; if there's no ecchi, I don't read it.) At first I didn't like the art, because it's so much different from most other manga series, but after a while I really started to like it and currently I think the art is one of the best I've seen yet. AMAISING, RITE? How men can change their mind so easily...

    Anyway, enough babbling. You should just read it. It's great.

    Here's a summary of volume 1, by Del Ray:
    Poor Mugi Tadano . . . The sixteen-year-old is heartbroken after his girlfriend moves away. To ease his troubled state, Mugi takes a summer job at his friend Kazuki’s beachside snack bar/hotel on a tropical island. It seems like the perfect plan–until Kazuki sets Mugi up on a date with Yuu, who’s supposed to be, well, a little less than perfect. When Yuu arrives, however, she’s not the monster that either of the boys had imagined. In fact, Yuu is about the cutest person that Mugi has ever seen. But after Mugi accidentally walks in on Yuu in the bath, the girl is steamed. When trying to apologize the next day, he discovers that Yuu has left the shores of paradise. Mugi vows to search high and low for the beautiful Yuu, but will he ever see her again?
    Currently only Dynasty is scanlating Pastel and they're, well... quite slow. :/ Click here for their site, you can find the releases over there. The first 5 volumes were done by AnimeWaves, but seeing as how Pastel was licensed by Del Ray, they removed the downloads from their site. Luckily for you, you can get them two lines below this one.

    Volume downloads:

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