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    LAWLS. If that's a 2, I've been right all along.


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    I think that the pic with the 5 is real, but the text with orihime being the una espada sounds like fake to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by gin0va View Post
    source: mangahelpers

    Orihime part:
    That is enough Noitora.

    Noitora part:
    Why are ya bitching? It's just getting interesting.

    Orihime part:
    Kurosaki - kun. Sorry, I lied...

    Ichigo part:
    What are you talking about Inoue? Just stand back! I will take care...

    Orihime part:
    Well after I joined to Aizen-sama, I promised to him, I will never leave him.

    -Orihime showes her chest to Ichigo-

    Ichigo part:
    Inoue! THIS IS!

    Orihime part:
    Una espada, Inoue Orihime! Release! Born, Sette Falda Fiore (Seven Leaf Flower)

    End of chapter
    The probability of this happening is as high as me beeing able to take a double backwards salto while making a cake and singing on a random action movie intro song at the same time. And the first espada? Hah. hahahahah.

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    Mm. Regardless of whether or not this *is* true...

    ...shouldn't it be "la primera espada, Inoue Orihime"? I'm pretty sure "una espada" just means "a (or an) espada" ("one espada" would even be "uno espada", not "una")... Spanish classes never really took with me, but this just doesn't look right. After all, with Grimmjow, Kubo specifically called him the "sexto" espada as opposed to "seis espada." Though it doesn't seem like Kubo is necessarily an expert in the language ("hueco mundo" as opposed to "el mundo hueco"), I think he would probably be consistent in naming conventions.

    I'm going with "fake" for now.
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    if that is real that the face on ichigo would be priceless. though it might be real it could let her get to the orb thingy and destroy it and stuff

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    lol shows her chest like to see that

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    (*for second assumption purpose's though, im also assuming that halibel could be #7, but here's another theory. Basically i saw halibel early in bleach chapters before aizen told gin about ready the vastolordes for augmentation, meaning transforming them into arrancarrs to finish the espada. Im guessing that when ulquiorra and yammy returned from karakura town when they first met ichigo, the espada group wasn't finished yet. Im thinking the top 3 espada are vastolorde-type arrancarrs, the black dude, old man and stark could be the top 3 espada. I don't care about that upside down pic of noitora's number, he's number 5 and that's what im sticking too.

    Secondly, the proof is in the pudding as far as who's who. i mean yammy and ulquiorra were already created, it's only possible that augmenting a vastolorde could take up alot more power from either the hougyoku because of it's seal or aizen's power itself. So, in augmenting ulquiorrra, who could've been the first vastolorde aizen re-birthed could mainly be the reason why he's been in charge of so many missions. Then the other 3 were created, when is anyone's guess?. Anyways if im wrong im wrong, but im just basing these theories on what i've read in the past year and a half when it comes to the arrancarrs, hollows, espadas and the hougyoku. peace.

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    noitora's gonna lose inoue will prob heal grimjow and then ichigo while grimjow holds noitora off and then they will just gang him and finish him

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    images from 2ch

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    Oooh, nice new threads on Apporo. And he's finally drawing his zanpakuto.

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