Hello there TheFolenAngel, or should I say Razor1991 or SexyLady on IRC?

We here at mangashare are fed up with your pathetic attempts to earn money on other people's releases. You are using Franky House to get money from MegaUpload, you have impersonated other scanlators of scanlation groups to get Scanlator status here on mangashare so that your releases would automatically get approved on our release tracker. You have made lies about support for scanlation groups to earn cash and that by submitting releases of other groups. You have claimed to be part of groups which you were not.

We have endured long enough of your stupid jokes to earn cash. And each time you would come back after a ban with some stupid trick of your own to mask yourself under another IP adress or you would just come back through one of your dynamic IP's.

We warn any scanlator or scanlation group out there to watch out for her and her tricks.

Here's an older announcement of what she did: http://mangashare.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7736

Whatever the reason may be for you to do this we DO NOT accept this and we will keep fighting pest like you to keep our tracker clean.

Feel free to discuss this matter but please keep it civilized.