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Thread: Sanji?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sotinom View Post
    sanji is powerful because he has a secret and it envolves the fact that no one can take a picture of him O.O
    Yep, he's the mysterious man in the straw hat, a rather unwilling one I might add. Somehow nobody managed to take a picture of him and people keep misunderstanding his identity hehe. It's hilarious how Moria misidentified Sanji as a no named pirate since his bounty post is an ugly drawing and stuff Sanji's shadow into a stuffed penguin dog animal instead of a zombie general.

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    I laughed my ass off when I read the new bounty chapter.

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    XD i guess things like Nami in danger make his will power stronger, and mayb his training isn't as obvious as Zoro's...o.o he might cooking?

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    it might just be oda not showing us what he does everyday......

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    They probably don't show Sanji train, if he does, because how often has he mocked Zoro for training to become stronger like that? As was mentioned, he's more of a I'll get through this with cunning, thinking it through (sometimes), stealthy jobs, and fighting with the conviction that he has to win to save a woman or whatever, when it comes down to a physical fight.

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    Yeah, it would be nice if Sanji was Oda's method of mind over matter. His conviction allows him to get immensely stronger during battles, but in retrospect he might be the same as he was before. Though, that can run out eventually or get boring fast, so I would like to believe that Sanji does secretly train and he has Sharingan. he has that eye covered....because he's MADARA!

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    Cooking at least train his reflexes, endurance, resistance to heat and dextery, about strenght and flexibility, well, he must pratice yoga. xD
    The main question is how he can keep himself so long inside water while he smokes. o.o
    And his left eye may be his hollow hole, as in Noitra. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by MountainLionLink View Post
    I honestly do not see how cooking for a crew of eight is compared to actually training.
    I totally agree with you there how does cooking train your legs to be super strong and to be able to do all those flying through the air kicks....It just doesn't add up. I mean zoro's training is lifting giant bolders on his sword blades so his strength is explained but not sanji's at all.

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    Does anyone else find it funny that he's all about the purity of taste with his cooking...and he smokes? Most cooks know that you kill your sense of smell and taste when you smoke.

    Anyways. I think it's okay that his strength really isn't explained. He's not really a typical fighter. He's a cook first. Maybe he's like a....god I can't believe I'm gonna say this..but maybe he's like a Saiyan...When he takes a beating in a fight he just gets stronger next time...None of these guys come out a fight unscathed.

    His lack of actual training might also add to why he feels he has to compete at strange times. For example this latest chapter? Just a theory. He tries to act cooler than he is. Or rather, he's cool already, but takes it too far with strange acts. Plus he's probably still miffed about his bounty picture and how people view him. He's all image.

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    Oda never shows anyone train other then Zoro. Luffy who is undeniably the strongest of the StrawHats hasn't trained once since we saw him.

    I don't know what you're talking about though with the "smoking kills senses" since Sanji doesn't smoke he sucks a lollipop then eventually gets rid of it. :|

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