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    MangaShare needs your uber-leet skills. [Community Project]

    You've probably seen the images that run along the site, the "Featured Series."

    It is time to shed some light onto those less known series, and the only way they can be displayed as a Featured Series is if they have an image to go with.

    Not all series in the directory have their own image, so here I come to ask you and your uber-leet photoshopping skills to make a banner for a series that's in the directory.

    How? you may ask. Well, you can grab page from a scan and crop into a specific canvas size and that's it, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

    We prefer if the pages are in color. You can look at some series how they have theirs. No fancy effects, no text. Just an image of the manga to identify it by. (Soul Eater, Reborn, Bleach)

    What's the reward? The feeling that you've helped the site that you love!! Also a hug and a kiss from gin0va; sexy sexy beast. Besides that, I don't know. I'll talk to other mods and see what we can do.


    647x220 (very important that it's exactly that size)
    95kb or less (In PS: around a quality of 8 or 9 should do the trick)
    No borders.
    Graphic editing software (anything besides Paint, when you save JPG in Paint, it poops on the quality)

    You can take this as a template. Just fill it with white and do your magic.

    If you have any questions, please post them.

    If you're gonna use 3rd-party coloring, ask the artist for permission first.

    Manga that need a banner:

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