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    Well, as a standard rule, I strongly recommend The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya for your anime viewing pleasure.

    Now, onto business: You seem to be the type who favors action over romance or slice of life. If so, then my recommendation list would also include: Neon Genesis Evangelion (a must watch, it has achieved a level of fame almost on par to Dragon Ball), Full Metal Panic (all three seasons, especially fumoffu), Code Geass and Darker than Black. If you want a long running ongoing anime series that satisfies your weekend cravings for pretty much the rest of your life, I would recommend One Piece.

    Also, if you prefer drama/slice of life/romance over combat actions, I would recommend Kanon, Air and Clannad.

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    haruhi suzumiya is already on my list but thanks! also ive had the subed version of neon genesis evangelion on dvd for a while just havent been able to find it to watch it lol. full metal panic is on my list somewhere there too. ive read a little one piece just didnt find it to interesting. most of the time when it comes to an action anime it has to be really good action, like the samurai x ova's. i tend to get more into something with a great story line no matter what it is. and once again thanks to everyone who has recomended stuff im currently looking into everything thats been mentioned so far.

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    How susceptible are you to traps? Do you fear becoming gay?

    If you do then definately don't read my recommendation... (hid it in spoiler just in case)


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