first off let me tell you a little about my anime exp./preferences just so you will know my tastes and possibly be able to point me in the right direction.

well ive always enjoyed anime ever since i was a kid. i remember watching galaxy express 999 on the sci fi channel as a kid and loving it which is what i guess got me started on anime. from there i really didnt watch much untill toonami(used to be the anime block on cartoon network) started airing dbz and gundam wing which i really liked. around the same time period i saw the ghost in the shell movie and princess mononoke which i loved. a little later on i found cowboy bebop and samurai champloo which in my opinion are amazing. had an ex-coworker introduce me to bleach which was great through the ss arc but has since become boring to me. i also enjoy reading a good manga such as the rurouni kenshin manga although imo the anime was horrible having read the manga first, got like 20 something episodes in and quit watching that one. the rurouni kenshin ova's where amazingly well drawn and followed the story in the manga, probably my favorite ova's. i really liked FLCL although it was just wayyyy too short. i watched the fma anime and liked it. other animes ive watched and liked are death note, afro samurai(just an amazing sword fight anime),akira, ninja scroll and excel saga(funny as hell). ive found a few animes i plan on watching through the top five anime thread, the girl who leapt through time, haruhi suzumiya, monster and planetes. i know my list is all over the place but someone has to have something for me lol. and go!