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    i loved it - in the first part they were supposed to meet at 7:00 pm (or so), but due to the weather he gets there at 11:00 pm and she's still waiting

    the soundtrack's great - the piano play at the end (credits) is just awesome.

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    Wow! This movie just floored me. The beauty of the animation, music and the well told somber story was all extremely well done. This is top 3 for me. Sorry for the bump, but I have to recommend it to anyone who is an anime fan.
    If you liked that, you MUST see the other works of the same director: "Beyond the clouds, the promised land" and "Hoshi no Koe". You'll really enjoy those two movies

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    Wish there was a part four of Byosoku, what a sad and yet common depiction of life


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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