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    gear 4th would be combination between gear 2nd and 3rd...and it would be giant luffy...that what i though...hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by kareem_pin169 View Post
    gear 4th would be combination between gear 2nd and 3rd...and it would be giant luffy...that what i though...hehe
    Luffy already used the combination of Gear 2nd & 3rd when fighting Asgard Moria.

    Oh,and roy9404,your friend is a liar,don't trust him.Here in Mangashare or in MangaHelpers,people discuss about the latest OP chapter in Japan up-to-date,and Oda-sensei still working on it,OP's not done yet.He also stated in an interview that One Piece's story now is right in te middle.
    If your friend think he's tre,then he might be read some One Piece Doujinshi(fan-made manga)

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    I think Luffy won't call next power with "Gear" terms again. Since last time he merged his body with 100 shadows he called this technique "Nightmare Luffy". And once I saw the combo between Gear 2nd & 3rd I was called it "Gear 4"


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    read my quote at the mid... he gets gears up to 5...later in the manga, i guess around chapter 550

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    First, sorry if someone else said this, I haven't read the entire thread.

    I think the 4th gear is going to be defensive. Luffy will utilize his rubberness to counterattack. If someone punches him while he is using this, they will receive the full force of the punch back immediately. The drawback of this technique would be that Luffy couldn't attack in this mode without the same effect happening to him.

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    luffy's 4th gear gets his body super that swords dont hurt...and the 5th one lets him use all the gears at the same time...and sorry i dont know when they show it...

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    I think Luffy would be pretty amazing if he learned more Rokushiki techniques than just Soru, although I can't really see it happening. I also think getting one of his weapons made from kairoseki would be pretty handy. Like kairoseki gloves or shoes. I can't see him getting lucky and finding a major weakness against every single Logia type that he comes up against in the future. Kairoseki might be really important for beating these people.

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    luffy uses gear second and third at the same time and he didn't shrink so maybe that's it for gear fourth

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    Gear 4th: Luffy twist his body and bone causing it coil and increasing his attack strength and speed, just like gomu-gomu riffle but it can be done with any part of his body.....

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    I think KyoH , uw4nka, roy9404, and djayleno all have very interesting ideas for a Gear 4th! But there are flaws in them such as KyoH's sounds kind of similar to Bellamy's ability and it seemed like Oda looked down on his ability judging from the way Bellamy got beat so easily. Then there's djayleno and we know Luffy would just not sit back and take attacks for so long, besides this sounds closer to a specific attack rather than a gear. I believe a combination of uw4nka's and roy9404's idea would be best. I think Luffy has gotten strong enough to at least learn rankyuaku(energy in kick), he technically already knows the dodge move they used as shown in his avoiding Enel way back when, which leaves geppou(moon step) as a viable attacks. Next you give him the ability to not only compress his blood flow but also compress his rubber body. Basically this makes Luffy's body as hard as steel(kind of like Tekkai) and if he's focusing his energy at an enemy's attack point it makes him invincible in any situation like that. Since he is also doing the speeding of the blood from Gear 2nd then with the compression of his body into a more condensed state this will make him much faster than gear 2nd and stronger or at least his hardness moving at such speeds translating into more than 3 times the power and more concentrated than gear 3rd. Drawbacks being during this since his body is compressed he can't stretch or if he does it's very little + if he goes too far than he starts systematically his body down from one bodypart to the next. He can stretch very little allowing for Kyoh's idea of following the principle behind Gomu Gomu Rifle for Luffy to add even more extra speed , or power to one body part momentarily.Drawbacks after this Gear his skin and body is really loose meaning he can't control his rubber body as he normally does and since it is like the opposite of his condensed state, he's lighter than air helping him to avoid blows landing or at least avoid the blows really affecting Luffy. Also if there can be a gear 5th it should be some way for Luffy to fire huge amounts of pure energy. There is no other way he could even come close to beating BB's powers. Also I don't think they'll give Luffy a 2nd fruit ability since it would take away his quality of always being the underdog.

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