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    Mebbe it'll just be a mega-form of Gear 2.

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    i think that his next gear thing will actually make luffy more rubberry. he will gain more rubber based abilities and become more flexible and everything but will lose out on strength. i think this may very well be more benificial to him then the others.

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    Remember in the fight against Moria? He combined 2nd and 3rd gear. That could be considered 4th.

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    The combination from 2nd and 3rd gear isnt called 4th gear, it isnt like that, it's must somethin new for Luffy.
    No no, I dont think there will be 4th gear for Luffy, as there isnt much exploited yet from 2nd and 3rd gear.(Like Gigantic Gomu2 no Machinegun, i would love to see that move )

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    Quote Originally Posted by [Cross] View Post
    A defense point would be rather useful, it probably be like the vulcanization of rubber to make it harder and sturdier, though making it less stretchable, which could most likely be the side effect.
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    This is what I think Gear 4 will be. If Luffy fights a bad guy like Blackbeard, he can't streach so he will train under somebody that can control every part of his body (like that guy Chopper beat in the CP9 saga). So that he is able to streach with out the DF helping him. The side effect would be that Luffy can not move at all after this is used because of the toll it will take on his body.

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    Enough of this "maybe Gear Fourth will be so-and-so" crap talk. And what's with it being called "Gear Fourth" anyways? Everyone knows it'll be called "Gear Reverse" and be Haki based. [sarcasm]

    Seriously, the only legit way for Luffy to get stronger is that Haki he demonstrated (it's legit enough, but only Oda will know).

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    Hmm. I had an idea concerning Vulcanisation and Gear Fourth.

    As most of you who have thought about Luffy Vulcanizing his own body for a new Gear have already figured out, Vulcanization is, unforunately, irreversible. Luffy would have to live out the rest of his days in Gear Fourth, which would kind of suck. BUT! What if there was a way to get Luffy out of Gear Fourth? My idea may work, it may not; but then again, this is manga, so you basically need to take the laws of physics... and edit them to be whatever you want them to be XD!

    Okay, so, we all know Luffy has Haoushoku Haki. Rayleigh, with his Haki, could 'concentrate' his willpower at people, to make them faint; he showed this ability when, in the auction house, he knocked out an auctioneer who was nearby a cage, but the prisoner inside the cage remained unharmed. Luffy also seems to have a very loose grasp of this ability, as is shown by him seemingly having a mini staring-competition with Motobaro, Duval's ride, and saying 'there's no need for us to fight', psyching the poor creature out and presumably causing it to faint via Haki use.

    So, what would actually happen in terms of Gear Fourth? Luffy would get very hot, his body would Vulcanize, and he would have largely increased power due to higher density, greatly higher defense, and slightly lower speed than normal Luffy. To get out of this, I reckon Luffy could simply use his monstrous Haki, and 'concentrate' it at himself, thus negating his own rubber abilities and turning himself into a normal human for as long as he was concentrating on himself. This could POSSIBLY (not definitely, I haven't though it through THAT much >_>) mean that instead of being vulcanized, he ended up just a little charred because his body would be normal and without a rubbery texture (and we all know that being burnt doesn't stop Luffy in a fight: look at Skypeia, he took Wyper's frickin' Burn Bazooka and then stood up and fought Enel!), and when he releases his self-directed-Haki, maybe he would end up as normal Luffy afterwards, able to continue on fighting after exiting Gear Fourth.

    The bad thing would be that in Gear Fourth Luffy's stretching capabilities would be reduced significantly, and he would have to wait, while self-directing his Haki, for his body to gradually exit Gear Fourth.

    Just my 2 cents on the subject.

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    I think he doesn't need another gear. Just power up his Haki.

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    if he were to develop a 4th gear i prefer it being like nightmare luffy. he had the speed of 2nd gear and power of the 3rd in one.

    still i think that before seeing another gear, (if we are ever to see again) we will see luffy use haki along with his df powers

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