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    How about Gear 4 is a power that does not have side-effects ^^
    If you like manga, then help me out! :]

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    Quote Originally Posted by avafiery View Post
    How about Gear 4 is a power that does not have side-effects ^^
    Aww, random super powerups without side effects, where is the fun in that?

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    He should have a gear where he turns into an unbelievably attractive girl. It'd work on people like Sanji and Brooke :O. Although Brooke wouldn't gaze as much as grope/rape

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    it would be lame if it is another gear..
    maybe its a new technique of luffy
    not a gear but some unique

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    well, with the current event of him using a sort of "spirit energy" (like shanks) to scare motobaro and his experience as nightmare luffy, he may think up of something that'd give a boost in both speed and strength, with lesser consequences compared to what he did of mixing gear 2 and 3 against moria.

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    I have a new ideas of Gear 4. After fighting with cp9 espacially lucci,Luffy can have a skill like combining "6 technique" of cp9

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    I am suprised no one has mentioned martial arts yet... But if the only really option is as his third gear expands, his forth gear contracts and makes him really solid, like a hockey puck. I mean gear 2 and 3 where brilliant ideas but theres not much else you can do. The reason luffy could only put so much air in himself is probobly because he would explode with anymore. So I think that can cancel out giant luffy theories.

    And luffy going red instead of pink G2 is still concidered G2. It just means hes putting more risk in the fight.

    Luffy learning the cp9 finger bullet (forgot its japanese name, get over it) would be pretty cool. Doing that from a distance.

    But I think over all the next step to him getting stronger is learning a martial art. Sanji has his kicking techniques, Zoro has his three sword style. Luffy has relied on his DF to much. Whats going to happen when he meets black beard? He is screwed. The next step to luffy "leveling up" can only really be martial arts.

    Than after he learns that he can take it apart and change it according to his DF for all you rubber fanboys.

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    Honestly, Luffy doesn't need new gears to own. Gear 3rd and Gear 2nd add new things to the table, but when you see Luffy use the environment or go through changes to own a current villain (ex: Nightmare Luffy in Thriller Bark, Mizu Luffy in Alabasta, and various attacks with the golden orb in Skypiea), that is when One Piece's main character is at his finest. That's just me though.
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    i disagree with gear 2nd being stronger than gear 3rd...sure if your fighting one opponent whos fast and intelligent, hell be able to somewhat dodge the attacks....but as you saw witht he gomu gomu giant axe in enies lobby, he destroyed an entire marine vice admiral's battleship....with the size/power of his limbs, gear 3rd could easily wreck entire buildings, ships, even small islands into pieces. With gear 2nd it would take much longer + more effort to do.

    also, i dont know if there will be a gear fact i kinda doubt it.

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    Angry OH MY F@#$%ng GHOD!!

    Almost all the people in these thread are shallow idiots excuse me im not usually like this... im really sorry but i cant stop my self from saying their idiots i think ive only read 3 posts that are not idiotic... Especially ROY its either YOUR an asshole or your the extreme idiot... All Onepiece fans are updated with the latest MANGA and Oda is still on his way writing the MANGA so your an idiot and/or an asshole

    Whew its nice to let loose on ROY!! dont make up stories!! ASS

    My prediction

    --- I dont think another gear will come it would be to redundunt and or predictable its not Oda's style.
    -- Next I agree with the Guy with the martial arts theory.. although I wouldnt call it martial arts it doesnt sound fit with the manga.. I think its better to call it bluntly as fighting style lolz... And Luffy wont rely on the signature fighting style of his crew mates thats for sure probably hell rely on SILVER RAYLEIGH wow it rhymes hahaha
    -- I dont think Luffy's whole body becoming solid is really idiotic
    -- He would REALLY be a legend in the ONEPIECE world if he could eat another devil fruit and not get eaten and or killed by the devils inside the devil fruits( as i recall that is the side effect of 2 devil fruits)
    -- Finally isnt it obvious that He will learn BURST OF SPIRIT as manifested with Motobaro.. almost all mysterious/strong/legendary characters posses it
    When chopper eats 4 rumble balls
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