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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve3child View Post
    Wow a chapter NEEDS to come out ASAP. we really have nothing to talk about lolz. Maybe she put a seal on it and needs a key to unlock it like Naruto's nine tails XDDD. XD
    second that.

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    Sorry to disappoint all of you but she's still there, Sakura just gained more control of her "inner self" since she grew up, so we don't see her as often.
    In chapter 250 in the beginning of part two, where Naruto says:
    To that mission, no thanks.
    That's where you can see inner Sakura calling Naruto an idiot, while Sakura herself apologies to Tsunade.
    I think that was the last time she appeared though, but maybe I' wrong, I'm sure someone out there will find the chapter, where she reappears, if it exists.

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    ...someone really cares about that? Go read some nice manga instead of wasting your time, thinking about these kind of things...

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    Actually it's a valid question for discussion. Thread revived.


    Ever wonder why one of your particularly bad posts has been deleted? Feel free to contact me!

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