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Thread: Come on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rlinfamous View Post
    Naruto wins through both smarts and power, people need to see that. The only times he gets beaten are to add drama/flare to a fight or to make a character seem strong. For instance, he fucked up a lot in the arc with Sai to make Sai look tough; obviously if he'd been serious, he'd have looked much cooler. Also, against Kakuzu, he needed help after the first RS failed... that was just to keep the audience guessing. I mean, if Kakashi/Yamato hadn't been there to save his ass, he'd have gotten out somehow. Other characters don't need to fuck up as much because they all have more 'set' power-levels.

    I think that as much as plot-no-jutsu works for Sasuke, it works against Naruto (until the final moments of a battle).
    No He Wins With Pure Willpower And Heart
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    In most incidences I've seen, "willpower and heart" for Naruto generally amount to some last-ditch combo that involves power/smarts... I mean, he only used a basic Rasengan to finish off God Realm, but he used quite a few setups to get there, and a lot of brute power just to pull it off (2 Rasenshuriken, hundreds of clones, bracing against Shinrai Tensei, and then a Rasengan to finish it...).

    Willpower and heart just keep him fighting, i.e using his power/smarts, against all odds... in no way are they at odds with each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shishio View Post
    Ever since naruto came back or was still trainning in the mountains people have been comparing him to other ninja of legends. People like J-man, yondami, kakashi blabla and they say oh naruto can't win because he isn't smart enough or not enough experience.

    Well IMO power is the most important factor in the world of naruto. Take for example the (SMARTEST) people in the show, J-man and Oro. They inherited the title sanin for a reason. Well wht did that do against a four tailed naruto. Both were severly wounded or darined out. And oro was a former AK memeber.

    As long as the gap in power is great enough naruto can win. I believe that the only time that smartness is worth anything in naruto is when the fighters are close enough in power. i.e a sanin battle, (oro vs the third, oro vs j-man, tsunade) or jouni battles

    If you want to think of some who can fight a naruto with clone mastery and rasengan, then fight against a sage naruto then again an uncontrolable demon naruto i'm open to all suggestions.

    sry if this thread sound angry cuz it is but i just felt i had to say it.
    i agree completely naruto has always just barely slid by on kishimotos graces i hate to see him as the strongest character in the manga b/c
    1 he doesnt deserve it
    2 the only reason he has any power is because of the 9 tail fox
    3 hes the only character whos maturation doesnt make any sense everyone else has to train months and months and months to perfect one technique but he can do it in days by the "cheap clone learn anything i want in a day method"
    all the other characters have plausible cause for them to be as powerful as they are

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    in actual fact naruto is starting 2 use his brains more in the shippuuden episodes. We have noticed that he has FINALLY figured out that he can use his shadow clones 2 gather intel on the enermy that he is fighting. For example against kazuku when he changed to long ranged mode and was up against naruto. If he continues to think before rushing in he will be a danger to anyone that will fight him. Especially in sage mode.
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    naruto may be dumb but hes beaten plently of geniuss eg garra neji pain and meny more not bad for some one who people who call him stupid pluss i think the 9 tailed fox will be verry wise so no naruto is not stupid in fighting wise but in test wise yes
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    well for me naruto is smart at all, he may act stupid sometimes, but in his battles he is really doing his best.

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