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    Kei Kurono, without a doubt.

    this fag made me wept and laugh at the same time.
    i stopped reading when he died, read it again when he revived.
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    Classic reply!

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    I maraTHONGed it in less than 24 hours, just finished the last chapter a little bit ago.

    Kei Kurono, he's just a BAMF that's all there is it to, though I wish they hadn't revived his girlfriend... She's pretty lame

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    the only characters i care for are: Kei Kurono (i like the looser hero story...i allways have) and reika (i don't care what she does , she is too hot xD) ...its a real shame kei chose tae ...i mean you give the main character the ugly and plain girl to make it look real?'s a manga about aliens....what give?....REIKA ftw!!!

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    Kurono just annoys me sometimes.

    Let's get this party started.

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    Katou, Reika, Kaze, Kurono,Old man...hell, I like all of them. Sei needs to be brought back! (Lara Croft chick)

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    Kurono, Kaze(Muscle Rider) Tae and Nishi

    Kurono: He's a loser and "The Man" at the same time. He gets laid pretty well for a loser. When he goes hero mode he's pretty badass.

    Kaze: He's just a monster as a martial artist and he took care of Takeshi which makes he "aaaww." He just looks cool

    Tae: She's so sweet and innocent. Her relationship with Kei is about substance and she doesn't need to show it off to anyone. She helps balance Kei's chaotic life and they actually love each other. I was really sad when she died AND when her/Kurono forgot each other.

    Nishi: He's just a crazy mofo. He's hardcore about surviving and fighting. It doesn't hurt that killed his class for trying to bully him. He makes me wish Kei hurt a few more people in school, especially the guy that called Tae an ugly bitch;I would've broke his arm at the very least!!

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    mine was the sensei or w/e who had super powers was bad ass how he fought that long haired guy and when he fought and killed himself :(

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    well im not saying i wanna have a beer with this guy but nishis definitely the most interesting character to read about so ill count him as my favorite. almost jumped outta my chair when they brought him back to life.

    i wish they had gone more into that girl who hangs around with sakurai. she seems interesting...

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    jiraiya he's like an older version of me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarioRecon View Post
    jiraiya he's like an older version of me!
    ^what the fuck?

    My favorite charackter is Shion Izumi. His cruelness is amazing and he did everything to come back in the "black balls room" + he killed tae (once-.-) <<< very good !

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