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    Smile Gantz: Favourite character?

    so yeah, who's your favorite gantz charicter??
    i'm with katou
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    kei...the bitch with big tits

    too bad we dont see her in the main group anymore

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    Katou, followed by Reika. Despite what most people say, I think Katou's awesome. And Reika just looks hot.

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    Kaze- He is a real badass! He also has a soft spot for Takeshi.

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    Kei Kurono. I just love when he finally cracks. And his many-sided personality with it's changes intrigue me.
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    kei kurono. he actually does something, and he can fight.

    just my opinion, but i really can't stand kato. i mean OMG so freaking naive - get over it, right?!
    i mean if he really can't kill aliens to survive, go die already.

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    Kei. Undoubtedly. Seriously who can balance loser/cool as well as he can? Next is reika. I dont give a shit abt how whiner she is that girl is too hot to be missed out.

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    i like hikawa(the vampire guy), he has style.... and kaze is a beast, from the girls i would choose reika because of obvious reasons xD

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    Kaze, for being a closet pedo.

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    Just marathonned the manga in 4 days and my top 3 are Kei, Nishi, Muscle Rider. I have mixed feelings about the fan service.

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