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Thread: First manga

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    First manga I bought: definately Volume 2 of Sailor Moon that I fished out of a clearance basket when I was lke...10 lol. It's now falling apart but I still read it!

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    Love Hina Vol. 1

    Still in great condition. Lol

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    The first manga i bought was case closed which i love!!

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    doraemon vol 40 something, like 43, it's kinda grubby looking now

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    *reading through pages* Erm, I think some people are confusing this as a general what was your first manga thread. I mean Ranma 1/2, Pokemon, Dragonballz and Doraemon? Call me ignorant, but I'm pretty sure they're not shoujo manga.

    My first was Fushigi Yuugi ^_^ Great stuff for a young teen girlie. Saw the anime first though, then started to read the manga, but finished watching the anime and never got around to reading the rest of the manga. Of course, back then, I wasn't fussed about shounen/shoujo etc. I just watched/read whatever I could get, hehe.

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    First I read would've been Dragon Ball Z/ Dragon Ball, the way I got into Manga though was through volume 1 of Naruto, picked it up at the local library after I joined a games forum, everyone seemed obsessed with Naruto, so naturally I joined the craze

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    The first I ever read was Sailor Moon, bummed off a friend in the fourth grade. The first I ever bought was... Holy Crap! I can't remember! It might have been Ranma 1/2 though.
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    I bought my first ever manga volume 'bout a year and a half ago? it was Inuyasha vol.13, and soon after that I bought my first shoujo, Fushigi Yuugi vol.1

    Manga has just recently started to be translated to my native language, so if I wanted to actually BUY instead of downloading manga, it had to be english and ordered from abroad. And the postal charges were'nt cheap. >_> ( plus, my english was REALLY poor at the time so it wouldn't have been a great idea cuz I wouldn't have understood a word 8D )

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    My first was Battle Angel Alita
    Ava&Sig by Ravona

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    under the moonlight,somewhere in malaysia
    something called 'detective conan'
    (or case closed,depending on where do you live)

    ayanami rei daisuki :3

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