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    Lady Puts Credit Cards Into Wii

    News from kotaku.
    There are smart people, and there are dumb people. Here is the story of a dumb person, her credit cards and a Nintendo Wii.

    Over at game forum NeoGAF, member HUELEN10 told the following tale. We cannot vouch for the validity of it, but here goes:

    My neighbors which I don't really know to well to begin with, got their kids a Wii for Xmas. They got no games for it, but they did get a Classic Controller as well as an additional Nunchuck Combo and a carrying case. They asked me what games they recommended, and I decided to recommend them the Animal Crossing City Folk/Wii Speak bundle, Wario Land Shake It,Mario Kart Wii, and Super mario Galaxy. I also recommended them some VC games including Super mario World, and Sonic 2 8-bit.

    Anywho, the Mom asks me what VC is, and I told her. I told her that all she needed to do was put in her credit card when prompted on the Shop Channel, and get the amount of points she wanted. I also told her what WiiSpeak is, and how to connect her Wii to the internet via an ethernet connection.

    Anywho, I got a call today from the mom telling me that the Wii is not working. I asked what was wrong and you won't believe it.........

    HOW STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Also while putting the Wii Speak on top of her sensor bar, she apparently cracked it open. Just ugh. I told her she has to cancel her cards and call Nintendo for a 75USD repair, and now she expects ME to pay for this. Her husband is on my side of the issue, but she is steaming at me right now. Seriously, she put in 1, and thought that that one could not be accepted, so she kept putting them in and they will not come out. I might try to remove them tomorrow with her hubby while she is away on a business trip.

    Dumb people are dumb.

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    That is just priceless. How stupid do you have to be to actually think you physically put your credit card into the wii?

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    I know they say that the older folks are not technologically inclined...but this is too much.
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    what a dumby.

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    Well at least she didn't skip the credit card and put in cash. Also good thing they didn't ask for her driver license.

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    Sounds like somebody needs to be dropkicked.

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    Wow... if you don't know how to use it at least read the inctruction booklet.
    And do I see a bank of america credit card there?

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    I'd tell her to call tech support. Their reactions will be priceless.
    Also, they will probably be on your side too.

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    Maybe she should have made some sandwiches instead.

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    How do I play Wii? ¯\(º_o)/¯

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