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  • Naruto will change Sasuke's heart, and bring him back to konoha

    19 13.87%
  • Naruto will break Sasuke's bones, tie him up and then bring him back to konoha

    13 9.49%
  • Naruto will defeat Sasuke but choose to spare him, letting him live outside the village

    16 11.68%
  • Naruto will reluctantly kill Sasuke in order to protect konoha

    19 13.87%
  • Sasuke will redeem himself through sacrificing himself like Itachi did

    26 18.98%
  • Sasuke will commit suicide after he sees that Pain took his only purpose away

    3 2.19%
  • Naruto kills Sasuke, who asks for forgiveness, basically saving Sasuke from his pain

    8 5.84%
  • Other, anything else u can think of

    33 24.09%
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Thread: Sasuke's Fate

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    Exactly,.. that little flashback of team 7, was all because he saw how the others; Karin, juugo and Suigetsu, all cared for gim and fought to save Sasuke from being hurt. Sasuke probably felt, how Naruto and Sakura are feeling, for losing their friend, himself.

    But going back like nothing happened isn't going to happen, there must be somekind of sacrifice in Sasuke's case, if it is going blind in one eye or something else, but sasuke must pay for all the trouble that Naruto and Sakura had all those time when they were fighting for Sasuke.
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    I'm afraid that Sasuke will die at some point in the manga. But I voted for the first option because that's what I want to see happen.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Sasuke has already pulled a page from Itachi's book and come up with a plan to kill Madara- even if it means sacrificing himself in the end.

    I also kinda voted for Naruto kills Sasuke in my head. Because I think that if they met in the next chapter Naruto would have to kill Sasuke to stop him from going through with his current objective (to kill Danzou). Even though at the moment he's being sidetracked by a royally pissed off Raikage! XD
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    If Sasuke fails and dies, Itachi's sacrifice would be meaningless aswell.
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    it's strange how secretly itachi was helping naruto without any of the other akastuki having any knowledge of his assistance. For every encounter itachi had with naruto was to give him advice and news of sasuke's progress and 2 c sasuke die would be absolutely crap.
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    I'd like to see Sasuke die as did his much more noble brother Itachi, however with the theme of the show being the younger generation surpassing the former, I can see Saske and Naruto's children continuing their rivalry long after these two have come to some sort of peaceful agreement following a titanic clash in which Naruto emerges the victor.

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    I hope naruto can save sasuke from darkness.

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