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  • Naruto will change Sasuke's heart, and bring him back to konoha

    19 13.87%
  • Naruto will break Sasuke's bones, tie him up and then bring him back to konoha

    13 9.49%
  • Naruto will defeat Sasuke but choose to spare him, letting him live outside the village

    16 11.68%
  • Naruto will reluctantly kill Sasuke in order to protect konoha

    19 13.87%
  • Sasuke will redeem himself through sacrificing himself like Itachi did

    26 18.98%
  • Sasuke will commit suicide after he sees that Pain took his only purpose away

    3 2.19%
  • Naruto kills Sasuke, who asks for forgiveness, basically saving Sasuke from his pain

    8 5.84%
  • Other, anything else u can think of

    33 24.09%
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Thread: Sasuke's Fate

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    Sasuke's Fate

    Every1 knows that Naruto made a promise to Sakura that he'll bring him back, and he even told Itachi that he'll find a way to save both konoha and Sasuke. plz share your thoughts on whether this is possible. It's pretty obvious by now that they'll have one final epic fight. What will be the outcome of that fight? What exactly do u think is Sasuke's fate? In what way exactly do u think Naruto will save him?

    I think Naruto will end up killing Sasuke, but Sasuke before dying will ask Naruto for forgiveness. Naruto will in a way still save Sasuke, from his doomed life of misery, cycle of revenge and hatred, and his pain.
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    naruto wil do a perfect rasenshuriken on sasuke destroying his abiletie to mold chakra fight
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    I think Naruto will hug him, and that the hug will change his heart. I believe that hugs can save the world
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    sasuke's fate is to be weaker than naruto at the end of the manga

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    Sasuke will die in battle(or will be close to death) in front of Naruto's eyes. Then Naruto enrages and kills the one who killed Sasuke. Similar the Haku fight.

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    Sasuke goes blind (I won't go much into details) wherein he is forgiven by Naruto and Konoha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradiselost541 View Post
    I think Naruto will hug him, and that the hug will change his heart. I believe that hugs can save the world
    this guy has the right idea

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    Sasuke going to commit suicide when he see Pain did the job alrdy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaraky696 View Post
    Sasuke going to commit suicide when he see Pain did the job alrdy.
    After he starts crying

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    his fate will be him in a special Konoha jail where Naruto will come to visit everynow and a again, just like Professor X did Magneto

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