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Thread: Happy New Year

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!!What is YOUR New Year Resolution? :3(Read The First Page)

    It's the year of 2009!
    It is a sentimental landmark which signifies the ending of the old and welcomes the beginning of the new: new year, new start, new goals, new friends and a brand new world!
    Today, we say goodbye to the year of 2008, which becomes the past, rather than the present, along with all its memories - both the good and the bad. We say goodbye to the 2008 Christmas and we say goodbye to our 2008 paper calendars in order to hail the present and the future that is 2009.

    During the year of 2008, I made some good memories in this site, most notably the foundation of The SOS Brigade and the making of new friends. Those are the things that I can carry onto the new year. There are also things that shall stay behind, such as my prolonged "holiday vacation" during which I was irresponsibly absent from this forum - which shall end today. All in all, I'd like to say that 2008 was a merry year that created blissful memories that I shall treasure. What about you? Has 2008 been a good year to you? I sure hope so.

    While 2008 was not perfect (the declining economy, the wars and the lack of a Haruhi season II et etc.), it is preferably to think of the past year in a pleasing light. Let not unpleasantness corrupt the beautiful dawning of 2009. Let us enter this new year with a lighten heart, open mind and a big smile! Let 2009 be OUR year!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

    So! What is YOUR new year resolution?
    -Achieve Better Grades (Regular stuff. Always reach higher)
    -Make More Friends (You can never have enough of them ^^)
    -Become a Better Person (my personality is very flawed. Trust me, I can be very eccentric. >.<)
    -Become More Active in MangaShare (as some of you guys may know, I have been...umm...absent for various...erm... personal reasons. I promise that you guys will be seeing more of me this year ^^)

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