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Thread: Happy New Year

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    Jan 2008

    Happy New Year

    ´K. So december started. As we know, this is our last chance to achieve our 2008 goals... As it looks impossible for some, we tend to look forward to next year. YES. Next year gonna be awesome. Let´s set the cards.

    As far as today, my goals (I´ll be adding more, or deleting some, as the month passes, cuz I know how my head tends to change daily...):

    -Better grade. In school, and not for showing off myself, Im one of the best students. My grades are good, but lately, I´ve been suffering cuz my lazy attitude and just because I hate some teachers. I´ll try to put those grudges aside and go BERSERK against those exams and subjects. I´ve done this so many times, its just question of attitude and concentration, I know

    -Get friggin´hot. I know this may sound weird, but Im a bit metrosexual. I like to care about my body and those things. Im gonna get a great body, I know I can. Now I preparing the way. Eating healthy while it is possible (look that this month´s last days are going to be a mess with food and drinkin). My best choice is running and Pilate [THIS IS A BIG PRIORITY, by the way]. Yes Arhazivory, Im gonna be beautiful.

    -Get my love partner. I suffered a lot this year cuz I fell in love with a best friend... And this became a big problem. The friendship is alive, but my feelings hurt me. And the other person doesnt want to that happen. I gotta look for someone that loves me as well as I do. I know this may be a thing of time, and that I gonna wait some time till it happens... But Im decided that Im going to fight for this.

    -Develop my general culture. I want to learn many things as possible. This include new music instruments, new sports, new knowledge. I looking forward to programming, improving my piano skills and learn guitar. And I want to learn (or start studying) one new language. You judge, but I dont worry for english... I guess which language, tough

    -Writing. Im a writer, after all. I want to consolidate my story. I have many years writing and collecting ideas. Now is the time to get all this in one piece. The problem has been the time...

    SHARE. Post your next year projects and goals, its good to know. We dont know if someone reading this could help us.

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    Ok this sounds fun
    my projects till the end of the year:

    -Reread all of Haruhi-sama () related stuff in the SOS Brigade fanclub, which I promised but still haven't gone though with (I've started but haven't even read the novels.... I'm in the sixth)

    -Finish my books which I should have rewritten I don't know how much time ago but still haven't gone down to do it.... I only wrote a couple of chapters of the first one (well actually chronologically it would be like the fourth... I think..... I can't remember.... damn it). well this one will take me a good part of a year even if it's just rewriting so my objective is to start that up

    -Improve my skills, nominatively in the musical area (since I'm in a band and all) and also with the flag department (though I already rock at that XD) but also open to all areas.

    Finish my japanese lessons.....yeah that's going to happen somewhere sometime.......hopefully still this year

    Well there's more but I'm gonna keep it real since that will already take some time..... I might have to skip class a few times.... oh oh one more:

    Don't get caught in any more of my.... illicit activities.... since I already got burned enough this year....

    Let the pervert inside of you awaken!

    Join the SOS Brigade or else...

    You may be good, but I'm Draciel!

    May Haruhi-sama *worships* save us all

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    - Pass all subjects. This is impossible as of now, so at least I'll try to pass all the subjects except physics. This career is too much for a lazy dude like me. I've got final exams by January, so I'm gonna go "berserk" too this Christmas and spend more time studying and less time living.

    - Travel more. I couldn't travel around the world too much this year, I hope I can go somewhere around center Europe for some days in February. Gotta plan a more great journey for next summer, I need to go somewhere far from here for a while.

    - Conquer the world. Finishing this before the arrival of 2009 seems impossible. Gotta work more on this next year.

    After all, it's too late to accomplish them before the year ends..
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    Mr. Prince. bowserpat's Avatar
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    Bogota, Colombia
    nice thread DECK


    Improve Grades:This semester in college was...CRAP I got a bad grade in one subject, so i have to take that subject again.

    Improve languages: Currently I'm learning English and German so before 2010 I have to speak those perfectly(Im gonna move to germany in 2010)

    WorkNext year Im gonna be in an exchange program in order to travel and work in usa, maybe in winter.

    Love This year was... Sad, in september i broke up with my girlfriend and I'm still lovin her, then I start partying a lot, and dating ex girlfriends(yes I know that sucks) and this isn't the way to find true love, so next year I want to meet new people and give myself another chance!

    Sports I want to Keep improving in golf! so that i can enter a tournament next year

    Thanks Blue hime!

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    Sweden :3
    Not that much into setting up goals for the new year, but WTH.

    Learn Hiragana, I know some but nowhere near enough to be acceptable (by my standards) and reading Japanese without understaning Hiragana is pretty pointless...

    Fix PayPal and a decent bank, gawd damn Sweden is a bothersome country to earn money in >: (

    Not that much else that pops up right now xD
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    Asce's Loyal Minion DFX's Avatar
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    In Your Head
    Alright here goes:

    School start actually going to my classes. I've been a lazy ass and have been sitting around doing nothing but sleep and party for the past month.

    Work I'z needz moneyz. Work is slow right now so I'm thinking I'll go and get a second job.

    Get Ripped I'm very anal when it comes to my muscles. Right now I'm toned, but I want to buff up some more so that I can feel better.

    Get a new Girlfriend it's been awhile and I'm thinking it's about time I do something about my love life.

    oh and I'm thinking of joining a scantalation group as a cleaner or typesetter.

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    Deck....if you get any cuter I'll be tempted to come to Mexico for you.

    I'm a live one day at a time kind of girl, but my main goal to complete this year is a big-ass literature review that I've got to write for my thesis. It's due 2nd week in January, but I'm aiming to get it done before that so I can do otaku-related stuff.

    Finding love.....nah, that can wait a couple of years. I'll set that as my 7 year resolution.
    ^Birthday Sig & Ava from Mikessc88 <3 v Birthday Sig from Imotochan <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arhazivory View Post
    Deck....if you get any cuter I'll be tempted to come to Mexico for you.

    Finding love.....nah, that can wait a couple of years. I'll set that as my 7 year resolution.
    Thanx and what is with that? Someone never knows when love knocks the door XD

    By the way, merry xmas everyone. So this is the very last week of the year. Now! This is the last chance to set the goals for next year... GO go go!

    I´ve gotten my decision: 2009 is my year, no matter what. YES, it is mine

    Go on, Share...

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    -Learn japanese (for real this time) in two weeks.
    -Find a way to make money without doing any actual work.
    -Find a way to pass my college tests without studying.
    -Travel to USA and kick Adam Sandler in the balls.
    -Travel to France and kick Jean Reno in the balls.
    -Travel to USA again and throw more than two shoes at George W. Bush and actually hit the bastard.
    -Become world famous for holding the record of shoes thrown at George W. Bush.
    To-love-ru >>> One Piece

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    Sshheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thsv's Avatar
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    I've got four days to avoid getting sacked.

    - Pass the rest of my units. There are only so many resits I can afford to take.
    - Avoid getting sacked for yet another year.
    - Expose my manager for the incompetent retard he is.
    - Cut back on sugar.
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    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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