´K. So december started. As we know, this is our last chance to achieve our 2008 goals... As it looks impossible for some, we tend to look forward to next year. YES. Next year gonna be awesome. Let´s set the cards.

As far as today, my goals (I´ll be adding more, or deleting some, as the month passes, cuz I know how my head tends to change daily...):

-Better grade. In school, and not for showing off myself, Im one of the best students. My grades are good, but lately, I´ve been suffering cuz my lazy attitude and just because I hate some teachers. I´ll try to put those grudges aside and go BERSERK against those exams and subjects. I´ve done this so many times, its just question of attitude and concentration, I know

-Get friggin´hot. I know this may sound weird, but Im a bit metrosexual. I like to care about my body and those things. Im gonna get a great body, I know I can. Now I preparing the way. Eating healthy while it is possible (look that this month´s last days are going to be a mess with food and drinkin). My best choice is running and Pilate [THIS IS A BIG PRIORITY, by the way]. Yes Arhazivory, Im gonna be beautiful.

-Get my love partner. I suffered a lot this year cuz I fell in love with a best friend... And this became a big problem. The friendship is alive, but my feelings hurt me. And the other person doesnt want to that happen. I gotta look for someone that loves me as well as I do. I know this may be a thing of time, and that I gonna wait some time till it happens... But Im decided that Im going to fight for this.

-Develop my general culture. I want to learn many things as possible. This include new music instruments, new sports, new knowledge. I looking forward to programming, improving my piano skills and learn guitar. And I want to learn (or start studying) one new language. You judge, but I dont worry for english... I guess which language, tough

-Writing. Im a writer, after all. I want to consolidate my story. I have many years writing and collecting ideas. Now is the time to get all this in one piece. The problem has been the time...

SHARE. Post your next year projects and goals, its good to know. We dont know if someone reading this could help us.