Its come to me in a dream, I can see the series ending... BAM! - Miu gets kidnapped and half brainwashed (I say half cause she's already half crazy); Kenichi hates himself for being weak, goes into super training mode with the Elder, during this time he defeats the other disciples one by one.

While thats going on, Miu is being trained by her pops to become the ultimate death fist (or w/e, basically she gonna become brutal) - then her and Kenichi meet as a finale. By now they'll both be master class, with the Elder fighting Jenazad and Akisame fighting Saiga

After a long and emotional fight Kenichi will die saving Miu from becoming a super bad person - After the fight we skip 10years.

Miu has married Takeda and they have a son (named Kenichi of course) - the Elder has gone from Ryozanpaku and now Miu is a master there, Akisame is the new Elder.