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    Aku Soku Zan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monz View Post
    Actually that was all me..... I can't help that's just how HSDK is... the whole manga is perverted... I just point out what everybody is thinking. ^^
    It normally is exactly what I was thinking especially in the fight with Freya and when Ma sensei started talking way serious and way too much.

    Quote Originally Posted by Night View Post
    Nah. the best and just plain wrong one was right before the match and he was trying to convince the kids that he was a teenager and Kenichi was like no you're not look at the beard of a full grown old man. That's part of the mask. LMAO!!!

    P.S. I heard the anime would be having another season with these chapters basically put into episodes. Is it true?

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    man in 2 days it got from chapter 208 to chapter 221 lol this is going way too fast !

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    good job guys -- keep it up. Kenichi has been lifting my spirits these few days until I find a new manga to read. I love the commentaries -- I don't know why others complain. If you don't like them, just skip them. It's rather easy --- well, maybe not.

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    releases are going faster and faster

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    Chapter 230 is out on MangaFox !


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    up to 256. i got the raws up to 311 which is the current one i think. it really is a good manga. interesting. and i just always loved fighting manga, but not really a weapon person. it was all put together nicely though. not incredibly realistic like say baki son of ogre, etc... but i still adore it

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    Where did you get raws up to 311 mate? I couldn't find more than 270 :(. I can read japanese but can't find raws. Damn makes me frustiated :(

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    I thought Berserker would return to help out. As of 261 glad to see Kenichi is fight much better. Lovingthe fast release too

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