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    I like this ending, because it isn't definitive and does leave space should they want to continue it in Jump Square ala Prince of Tennis like Lord Namvel said.

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    ah they lost against america in ot

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    Hopefully later on there will be some type of continuation of it.

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    It's good that it ended before becoming weak, and that it still leaves room to continue the story. I'm still sad it ended because it always proved one of the best reads of the week. So, farewell.

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    I didn't realize chapter 333 was the last chapter T_T! My fav series has ended....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I really wanna know about Sena and Panther's little competition. Best runner in the era...referring to Sena beating 4.1seconds in the 40 yard dash? But a panel shows Panther holding the trophy, which means he won it for the team by running at his fastest speed. Nooo....I'm seriously disappointed. This manga actually got me hooked on to American Football...
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    pretty obvious this chap (333) was going to be last, i thought 332 made it really obvious. ended well (suprising, since i find many endings disappointing - like PoT, though its now being continued =_='')

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