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    the series is done. unless they change it to "monthly" in jump square like prince of tennis and focus on all the japanese college teams. would be nice.

    damn, a page is missing, what the hell.

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    ES 21... ended.... why ;(... Me wantzing it to be goin 0n ;O

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    i think they ended this series a little too early. i hope they continue this series. i would like to see how the new teams play in college.

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    hopefully they do continue it in the future

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    Its done. Oh well, thank you to the authors for entertaining me this far. It was an awesome manga.

    I think it had a nice ending and it would suck if they continued it as a monthly or anything else. Dragging stuff on just ruins it.

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    what happened to komusubi and taki?

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    Quote Originally Posted by airheadluffy View Post
    what happened to komusubi and taki?
    Woops thought you said Taka ! They didn't say anything about both of these guys so your guess is as good as ours.

    As for the last chapter I'm sad that it ended, this series was very good :'(
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    Quote Originally Posted by airheadluffy View Post
    what happened to komusubi and taki?
    In the color spread they show Komusubi in the same uniform as Musashi. So, he is on the Semi-Pro team. Taki is in a white uniform, and out of the university teams uniforms shown seems the most like Hiruma's.

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    Yosh! I'll go read it now. From chapter 1.
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    For the one's who care... binktopia did the final chapter of Eyeshield... it always saddens me to see a series come to an end...

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