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    Another mag picking it up is very unlikely too; I've only seen it happen with series from established authors. Like Steel Ball Run or Beshari Gurashi making the move to Young Jump.
    The information first appears on 2chan, through people that have inside information, god knows how.

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    It's true a lot of people who work in the anime/manga industry go to 2chan. Like when the TTGL fiasco happened on 2chan. They go there a lot to see criticisms on their works and whatnot.

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    Taken from Weekly Jump LKJ:
    "from ritual:

    No D-Gray from Jump 40 to Jump 44, so HnC got a respite until Jump 44 or 45...

    which means that It can either pick up popularity and live on longer, a la p2, or just actually achieve a better ending than what i expected from that utterly random chapter before expected last one."

    Simply great news, at least for me We'll have at least a decent ending

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    man and i thought this was a pretty good series... i will miss it

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    Well, I've read the end today and it does really suck... I mean, what about Hajun, Kaimei and Shikyou? We will never see Tokio and company fighting with them? Such a bad end... really...

    I think the author shouldn't have showed Kaimei, Hakutaku and Shikyou as powerful in the last chapters, and simply go make Hajun and Tokio meeting and fighting...

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    is there another chapter coming out?

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