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    Mermaid Melody (Please Help!!)

    Hi! I know this is a reeeaaaalllly long shot but I was looking to see if anyone could provide me with Mermaid Melody, the whole series. I know it isn't licensed and no bootleg was ever produced so the only way to get it is d/ling it, but I just can't find them. If anyone has all or most on DVD-R or CD-R, I'll be happy to pay them for their time and effort. That's raw and subtitled, no matter which...I know not all of it was fan subbed.

    As soon as it's commercially released, I plan on purchasing it. But it looks like no plans are being made to do so. Also, I would buy the Japanese DVDs but I can't play them on my player... please help! I really love this series and would like to have it readily avaliable. I appreciate it in advance!
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    Never heard of it, sorry I couldn't be of help. I'll look around..

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