In my opinion "That Jutsu" refers to Minato's Flying Thunder God Technique (Hiraishin no Jutsu) shown in the Kakashi Gaiden Arc and when Minato fought Tobi/Madara.

The Mizukage was brought to the battlefield by Genma, Raidou and another un-named ninja using this technique.However unlike Minato all the three had to work together to use FTG so they are unable to use it in the same way as Minato.

I believe that Naruto will not only use FTG he will with the help of Kurama upgrade the technique, (just as he did with Rasengan - Fuuton Rasenshuriken) where he will no longer be limited to using special kunai as teleport points but be able to use it without the need to fling kunai everywhere, thus matching whatever space-time technique that Tobi is using.