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First of all, thanks for the welcome ^^

I agree it would be sort of disappointing, i know i'd hate it if "that jutsu" was something we've seen heard of since the first chapter and have already seen being used by the 3rd Hokage. And i also agree that Jiraiya might have used it as a last resort.

That being said, Shiki Fuujin isn't something you train for, since you can only use it once and then you're gone. You just learn it and hope it'll work when the time comes.
I dont think it is going to be Shika Fuujin, as when minato sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto he said he would use the Dead deamon seal, which was the "seal that only a Non-Jinchiriki could use". So There is a far more powerfull seal that a Jinchiriki can use, and that i think is 'that Jutsu'. The reason we have never seen anyone do the seal before is because no one else is a Jinchiriki that has shown skills with seals (like his mother had).

So Rasengan is from his Dad, 'that Jutsu' is a seal from his mom. Both taught by the awesome Jiraiya.