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    SPEEDSCAN tutorial - cleaning MQ/HQ in 5 minutes/page [ENG] & [ITA]

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    ehm, its a nice tutorial and all, but you won't get HQ grays with this method >_>

    Actually, I just tried it, and the grays dont look fine at all. Do you have a way to
    replace them completely with another gray pattern? I mean, there must be a way
    of how to take advantage of the blacks being ignored. You just have to deselect the
    whites, that shortens the Gray-replacement a lot. But the grays I got with your
    tutorial aren't good at all >_> can you explain more detailed what you do to them,
    instead of just giving the action script. Adding grain to it, setting it to darken
    and reduce some noise, that won't make them HQ.

    Here's what I get:

    With MY normal cleaning technique, without touching the grays at all manually:

    Here's it in HQ, replaced the grays by selecting them manually and then put a gray
    pattern from the tanko's over it:
    This panel alone took me around 6 minutes, okay, it had lots of details, but it's small
    and there are panels with even much more details in OP, and that's also the reason
    why there yet was no group that did OP in HQ for a long period of time... OP is
    just much harder to clean into HQ than Bleach or Naruto, because it has much more
    details in the art...

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    ...a trick that i use to take advantage by ignoring black is that in the LEVELING i move the cursor of greys to left , to take the grey very light ..., so if you maintain the grey clear , when you do the actions the grain covers the greatest part of imperfections .. try to lighten the grey in the leveling for a better job...

    ...if i try or improve other methods to a have a better result with grey in few minutes , I will always share here...

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    Nice contribution...............thanks

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