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    Naruto what do you think of "Naruto Shippuuden"

    i came up with this thread to know what you guys think about the shippuuden anime series....

    i read the manga and i also watch the anime

    after the LONG annoying filler eps i was looking forward to the naruto shippuuden series but when i saw the first few eps i was kind of dissapointed

    in my opinion they are moving slower during the battles
    they are talking TOO much during the fights
    i'm inclinced to believe that the anime is shorter than before
    first of all they repeat the last part from the last ep, followed by a long opening, last but not least the in my opinion bothersome "ninja class" after the ending
    what's also a major minus for this series is the lack of plot
    why did we have to endure 2 endless years of filler eps? we saw the comeback of mizuki sensei we saw naruto throwing his rasengan... and for what?

    the present eps are still full of filler material so you can aproximately say one chapter = one episode i was thinking this would change during the major battles but take the chiyo/sakura VS. sasori fight half of the time we see gai sensei and his team doing lame and very slow moves, or we see naruto and kakashi chasing deidara, and when we see realy see sakura's fight most of the time they are talking and when they are acting it's excessive... for example when sakura was doging sasori's poisn needls for nearly a half episode

    shippuuden 24 wasn't actually a full manga chapter
    ok... we've seen the first part of chapter 270 in a previous episode but how important was it for us to see sakura the damn ironsand corpora hitting again and again or gai and his team "battling" their clones... in my opinion it would have been bettter to see why sakura survived sasori's last attack instead of the filler content chapter 270 actually ends with sakura healing chiyo and explaining her the effect of her antidote

    if this will go on with this speed they are "battling" for about 6 more episodes why do they slow down the fights so much this reminds me of dbz in which goku wants vegeta to stop buu for only a few minutes so he can finish his genkidama but actually it took more than a week for him to finish it

    now i want to know what you think about the current anime episodes
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