To be completely honest ive given up on shippuuden, the animation is poor, and the episodes drag out. I was watching an old fight from the original Naruto between sasuke and oboro (rain guy from forrest of death).. and that had more effort in it than the 4 tails vs orochimaru fight. also considering its not a very important fight. Not to mention all the awesome fights we've seen in the first naruto series and the effort they put into the amount of frames, dynamic and fresh angles, and fight choreography. What have we seen in Shippuuden.. Naruto-Sakura vs Kakashi (average), Guys team vs Kisame (pathetic), Kakashi team vs Itachi (pathetic), Sakura-Chiyoba vs Sasori (there was an awesome series of scenes when chiyoba had her 10 puppets out), need I mention the rest... point being that the quality of the sho has significantly dropped..anyways i herd that its because theres a different production company working on shippuuden.. Koreans?