Naruto Screencaps Thread

Using this thread, I plan to post up as much screencaps of every Naruto Shippuuden episode out there! I plan to make this thread into the "official" thread where members can come to find useful screencaps of their favorite episodes.

NOTE: If you wish to share your screencaps links, please PM me the link to the images. The reason is because than I can put it into a gallery with all screenshots belonging to each episode. Thanks

I will start with the most recent episodes and work down.

EDIT: Each Gallery has around 10-20 screenshots on each page.

Episode 088:
Screenshots: Gallery 01
Screenshots: Gallery 02

Episode 087:
Screenshots: Gallery 01

Episode 086:
Screenshots: Gallery 01

Episode 085:
Screenshots: Gallery 01

Episode 084:
Screenshots: Gallery 01

Episode 083:
Screenshots: Gallery 01


Feel free to reply with a thank you or request if you have any..

Anyone can contribute to this thread. Just read the NOTE above first