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Thread: Bioshock

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    What are you gonna do when halo 3 comes out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhiloteCore View Post
    What are you gonna do when halo 3 comes out?
    Erm - Not play it.

    When Halo came out - It was a revolution for console games, but loads of games on PC were just like it - or even better.

    I got bored with the countless identical corridors and hordes of identical enemies ><

    Halo 2 was shite.

    Halo 3 will probably dissapoint aswell - Either way, I won't be playing it.

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    But PC doesn't have a gamerscore XD. And I like halo. The game editor looks fun. You can have a guy on forge/the editor, while you're if you have 4 players, you can have one one editor per team and one player per'll make for some interesting gameplay XD.

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    Everyone has their likes and dislikes...

    Half-Life lives up to compete with Halo even now actually.

    Me, personally, find it no fun playing FPS on my computer since it's much more relaxing to be in my living room playing with a headset, a leather chair, and surround sound.

    I don't need the controls of everything to enjoy games.

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    Yeah. Half-life is a MUCH better one player experience than Halo imo.Can't wait for the Orange Box XD.

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    Orange Box XD?

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    Lol, now I do xD

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    yeah lol. and the best part is ALL THAT for only $60!!!! In the words of I forgot who, "It's a buy"

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    Where to begin with Bioshock...? Well hands down it has restored my faith in console gaming because...for awhile there they had been really bad. Best musical score, amazing graphics, the story was great, and, possibly the best aspect of the entire game, you could kill children! Now I am not saying this game was crafted by some godlike creature and passed down to us wee mortals because I did have some problems with it. First of all you couldn't rough the little sisters up before you took the ADAM from them...that would have made the whole encounter all the more sweeter! Another problem were the Big Daddys, they should have been harder or something...I don't know, at one point in the game I was just taking out my Chemical Thrower, putting in some Electro Gel and shock the shit out of them until they fell over, not epic at all if you ask me, /yawn! Actually instead of making them harder there should have been more types of Big Daddies...that would have been neat. Like a trap type (outside of the Rosles, which used Prox. Mines) that could use JackBots (my name for the security bots) and cameras and junk and then an ADAM using type....imagine Houdinis or Sander Cohen just really really big and in grotesque hulking armor! I don't know...there could have been something more there! Oh and the ending of that game...both of them...were just pathetic and the last boss fight itself was even worse...I didn't even have to switch weapons or use any powers, Crossbow with the regular Steel Bolts = VICTORY! Although I will admit after playing through the game 3 times now I have tried out different tactics on him. You can freeze the last boss, the insect swarm is very useful on him, the machine gun is your friend, he CAN be downed with just the pistol if you so wish it (this would be like fighting a normal boss on a normal game setting) and yeah...Bioshock = AWESOMENESS!
    This is blud for blud and by the gallons!

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