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    Where do you guys download anime from?

    I ususally download from but they do take their time sometimes are there other sites where u can download free and directdownloads? not torrent.
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    thank you for asking this luimac i was also looking for best places to download anime

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    1,327 used to have a shit load of anime.

    But then there was some liscencing issue so they had to take a lot of the anime down. The only two good ones left are Naruto and Bleach. You don't have to download them either, it's like youtube for anime.

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    Why is this under the naruto anime section? o.o

    Anyways, I use or something. If they don't have it there, I go to to check who subbed it, and then go to their IRC chan/website/tracker.

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    I site I just found, but seems good so far
    A little better then the above site
    Just another site in the same mould as the two mentioned above

    Site my friend told me about that is supposedly good:
    To use it, you need Firefox though.
    This site has tons of anime music and also has a decent section of currently running anime.
    Almost forgot to add this one
    is also good for checking out different anime info.

    All the download sites I've listed should be direct download. Sorry if the sites I've listed aren't good enough since I mainly do use torrents to download anime. It also depends on what you want watch since fansubbers do offer ddl links on their sites.

    (I'll update this post later)
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    Tokyo Tosho - - it just have everything new released.
    AnimeSuki - - it have also the newest episodes released, but only non-lincesed anime.
    BoxTorrents - - for everything I can't find in TT or AS.

    ...and I also visit the webpage of the fansubs whose animes I download

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    I always use reality lapse

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    Dattebayo only have three or four series, I think he requested pages to download amounts of anime.

    @gela: thanks for that link, but I have some problems in it, when I enter the "Full Anime List" or other pages, it just show up a message of "404 Not Found" :S
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    even has a good collection , may be around 26 series out of which around 10-15 are complete series...

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