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Thread: Konoha's Fate

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    I dont think that the village was removed simply because in order to do a reverse summon, dont you need to have a contract with the said animal group? (Konoha would have to have a contract with the Frogs, something we dont know) Anyway, Konoha was probably blown up

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    Hey everyone lets not get carried away now something else could've happened we never thought of

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    I'm supposed to be in japan...yet i spend more time in the middle of the pacific
    Buildings, trees, mountains, landscape in general...all destroyed, but the people, they are all alive, the frogs all did a mass summoning technique to get them out of there just in time.

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    Isn't some sort of contract required for a summoning? How can anyone sign a contract with a freakin' VILLAGE of people? And if that's the case, how come Sakura didn't go too? I think the key is whatever got summoned in the middle of that crater. The cloud of dust in the middle is reminiscent of a summoning.

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    :s I don't know why people even get the idea of Konoha being summoned away. That is completely ridiculous.

    Shima preformed a summon in Konoha, not summoned Konoha somewhere, which is what we see in the middle of the crater. By the looks of it, it is 3 giant toads, probably each with 1 person riding them. Naruto, Pa, and Ma.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guy View Post
    the last page..said konoha was hit. it was the narrator. i dont think hes ever wrong
    The Narrator once said Sasuke was dead , lol but i do believe it was hit, mayb3 not fully but still hit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erratic View Post
    This isn't Bleach.
    I say what he said.

    but I am confused, where did this frogs summoning the people out of the village come from?

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