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    Some-what confusing thread, so you are saying that there is incest in the Naruto-universe and? That sasuke and Itachi are gay because? (Well, sasuke is gay imo, but thats because I dont like him) make another post and try and use complete sentences and a clear thesis with proof please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lionHeart View Post
    Have anyone realised that the clans in Konoha is actually in-breeding? or else, how did kiba's mom have the dog, AND kiba's father have also? they must be committing incest as we speak!

    ino and her father have the same funky hair and the same power. i mean, they must have very similiar DNA and another proof of incest!

    i suggest that kishi actually 'mix it up' after konoha got nuked. this proves that, pain is wrong. peace do not make one complacent, incest makes one complacent. afterall, what says arrogant more than being able to rape your own sister and then make babies and pass them your clan powers?

    with this, its no wonder that uchiha got rooted out. seeing how gay itachi and sasuke are, i think the elders are just trying to stop homosexuality from taking place in konoha.

    Such things are common in history among royal lines in order to retain at least in their mind the purity of the genetics. In the realm of Naruto this concept may be present in clans as well.

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