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    hmm.. my user title used to be angry saint. interesting choice Lord Namvel..

    anywho, i thought oto might wanna read this too..

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    Wow, i'm amazed this topic is still here... basically since last year i worked on this idea a bit and it became more of a novel due to my not too brilliant art skills, and then i abandoned it due to exams... howeverrr i am now back with a vengeance! i am determined to make some sort of graphic novel in the style of manga, yet totally unique! (lol, wut?)
    I have come up with several new plots, from beginning to end and i now need the help of a group af manga or comic fanatics to help create what i hope will be one of the most perfect stories ever! At the moment I am looking for the book that i wrote down all my ideas for EMBAeon in, however i have come up with 2 more stories, both of which i think have promise: Kid Reaper, and the ConflictAcademy.
    Kid reaper is all about the grim reaper accidentally impregnating a woman and the son being the only person who can resolve the problems the 4 horsemen have been having (read: beat the shit outta the other 3).
    ConflictAcademy is essentially an updated rewrite of EMBAeon, with a few differences which im going to implement fully when i find the original.
    Now, having read all the posts from this topic i would like people to give ideas for what they think would be good additions to the story. At first i will not reveal too much of the stories because i would like completely new ideas that have no link to the current plot, as this allows me to actually make large changes without having to worry about continuity etc. If the ideas take off i will be making them seperate topics or one for the most popular, and when the story has been fine tuned enough we can get a group of people together to bring it to life =]
    Oh, and i should be online a lot more often now haha, let the ideas begin!!

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    You should make the main character a ninja pirate, who is made of an elastic polymer and can control wind. His rival should be a shinigami who is from a distant planet and during a full moon turns into a giant ape. Now that would be good shit. Oh and every 50 chapters or so have a tournament. People love tournaments.

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