Hey guys, not posted for a while due to college, so hi all =]
Anyway onto the topic: i've come up with (what i think) is a pretty sick idea for a manga, i have story prototypes, a title, basic character descriptions, a plot etc, only problem is im absolutely useless at drawing manga. Essentially im looking for a whole team of sci-fi manga enthusiasts (think a mix between Eureka 7 and 07 Ghost and you kind of have the very basics of the story) who can bounce ideas off of each other so that 1 or more artists can then draw it.

If people are interested i can post up some of the stuff i've come up with so far, i just didn't really want to do too much stuff, then come here and find nobody wants to help =S

Also, does a manga HAVE to have originally been in japanese? Because i don't particularly want to write a western style "comic" if you get my meaning.