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    Here's my desktop:

    Yes, I like simple things.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jink View Post
    Yeah animepaper is a cool site, but I hate the way they run things there. :/
    Well, I have no problem with AnimePaper, you just have to comment and say thanks on every image you download or visit and you get enough points to download whatever you want. But, sincerely, AnimePaper's gallery sucks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jink View Post
    I use WindowBlinds and the skin is called Alysseum.
    A lot of thanks for that, I'll download that and try it, your desktop looks cool with that theme

    Quote Originally Posted by Jink View Post
    I don't want to upgrade because I just don't care. XP works fine for me, I see no reason to upgrade.
    Yes, I couldn't agree more with you
    My mother have that Vista in one of her PCs and it's really not a big thing, I still prefer my XP =)

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    I gotta be the only one who likes both released grimm and vista at the same time.

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    ya i don't mind it at all. once you start using you don't wanna go back to XP

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    Truedream, that wallpaper is really cool, is it a fanart?

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    heres mine using WindowsBlinds and Aura theme
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    Omigosh I loved that one, phantom. I love the combination of neon-green-thingy and black.

    Me wants, where did you get it from?
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    I'll guess I'll join in as well.


    The I laugh at the people using applications like Windows blind or style xp. Since there is extra GUI skin themes already included for XP.

    Like the theme I'm using called royale noir.
    It's just the Metroid series remade for the Xbox crowd.
    However Samus Aran is now some unknown low ranking military personal.
    Also the space pirates worship some giant doomsday hula hoop machine.

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    Could you tell me how can I change the theme and stuff like moving the bar and the menu and everything like you did?
    (I don't wanna download any software like Windows Blind if I can do the changes whitout them )

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    i got the wallpaper from he releases wallpapers on a monthly basis

    the theme Aura uses some glass and the taskbar is some sort of semi-transparent glass...
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    I like good drawings

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