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    Talking What Mangas are you currently reading?

    This a simple thread just state the current manga's which you are reading lol.

    At the moment I am currently reading...



    Gantz (Which ended today at c.383)



    High School DxD

    High School DxD Koneko

    Ikusa no Ko


    Fairy Tail

    Donten ni Waru

    Final Fantasy XII

    Hunt for Energy

    Sun-Ken Rock

    Kami Sen

    Keiji of The Flowers

    Kimi no Iru Machi

    Minamoto-kun Monogatari

    My Doll House


    Nozoki Ana



    PK - Player Kill


    Rosario+Vampire II

    Soul Eater

    Soul Gadget Radiant



    Witch Hunter


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    Naruto A Kid-Frie

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    I just recently began reading these 2 series:

    The Breaker: New Waves

    History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

    Man I have quite a bit of catching up to do with Kenichi I'm barely at chapter 331 and theres a total of 530 chapters as we speak.

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    I’m occupied with High School DxD, Hunt for Energy and Final Fantasy XII. Hope I will be able to finish all three within this month.

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    These days I am reading “My Doll House” and “Wallman”.

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    I'm currently reading..
    2. Naruto Shippuden
    3. Eye Shield 21

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    one piece, magi, girls of the wilds, horimiya, hirunaka no ryuusei, kamisama hajimemashita, tower of god, fairy tail, nisekoi and some other random crap

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